Orientation: Before having a Family

Family is a basic foundation of a government. Without family,  there is no society and without society there is no government. Lots of people think that itbis easy to build a family.  Interview all those wh9 have a family and hear what their responses are.  Some will say,  it is hell.  Some will say they regret, some will say they are uneasy and some will say,  it is not a joke. In one sentence, building a family is not true. Before marriage,  we have to be oriented again and again.

Building a family requires investment. If we are the ones who are t9 have a family,  we should think how is it possible for me to take care and raise a famy without money? The number one concern of a family is to address financial needs in this industrial life.

We have to think of family planning. Without planning,  family will be very hard and that there will always a trouble for finanacial nefor.  It must be a sad reality that those who have no family planning do not know think of the future and they are uneducated ones. Actually, it is true that when we are to find the things that we have to, we will end up meeting sudden situation that makes us problemtic.

Technology is highly developed in this age. Then,  we have to provide our family with technological knowledge since this is part of success. However,  if we are going to approach this,  we are suppose to know what is going on.