Visit the Top Largest Libraries in the World

When it comes to libraries, there are libraries like malls in the world. Here are they:

1. British Library

The United Kingdom has built this library for all. It holds about 170 million items as a whole. It has been the libraries of successful people in the world. This is the largest library in Europe.

2. Library of Congress

Well, this is not a surprise to those who are searching for best libraries. Many people flee to Washington to visit this amazing library. This library is more than a library.

3. New York Public Library

There are more people going to this library than any library in the world. It accommodates about 2 million visitors annually. It has more than 53 million books stored in it.

4. Russian State Library

In Moscow, this Library is like a palace of brains. It has about 50 million items stored in it. Though it is not that famous as the library of Congress, it is also acknowledged as the best in the world. In the meantime, I got to check this bridal from the internet. Check this straight from the source. I saw how great is their designs and all are good and great.

5. Bibliotheque Nationale de France

France is not overacting. It is just true that France has a lot “largest” in the world. This library is the pride of educational status in France.

6. National Diet Library

This is a Japanese library that passes with the standards of best libraries in the world. Why not? Japan is the center of technology and industry in Asia.

7. Royal Danish Library

This is the most amazing library in Denmark. It is one of the biggest library in the world containing 35 million items.

8. National Library of China

May this library be congratulated for being one of the most famous library in the world. This is the classic but great design of dress that is very beautiful to see. A classic vintage theme dress is what I always choose to wear. It’s style is really catchy and gorgeous.