Library Site vs. Search Engine: Which do Students Prefer?

If students have a research assignment, where do they go to? Would they go to their library first? Or will they consult google search engine? Well, all students want fast and easy! This is why before consulting their library or even the library site, they first visit search engine. Why? It is easier for them to do researching on search engine rather than going to their library site. In the library site, you may need to go to your library and research on these things.

According to library data, more than 80% students open search engine first and foremost before going to their library. 1% may go to their library first and check about the researches. All students in the world are now following digital stuffs before going through the traditional.

In addition to this, many of the library books are not circulating. If so, they are to be removed. The reason is that many depend on the internet. You can find also great elder care service here 長照中心 . The digital equipment are paid more attention than the libraries. Some students do not even visit a library.

It seems that libraries in the future will not be treated as important. However, the internet does not have everything. Of course, not all books are published in the internet. Many books that are regarded as important are not found in the net. However, how can the students value their library? Even geniuses go to the library. click here to 查電話 read about phone search. People no longer regard the library as  the best source of knowledge.Especially that online libraries are anywhere, learners will just visit this site.