Family and Togetherness

What is a family? A family is never complete if only the father and his children exists. The life-giver who is the mother is very essential in a family. Can you imagine a family without the mother? Like this, a family is complete with both the father and mother and their children. What is the most important in a family? It is communication and togetherness or bonding. If all the family members show coldness, can they feel any excitement or happiness whenever they see or meet each other?

Family and togetherness always go hand in hand. It can never be separated. If a family have a close bond with each other, there will be less problem between family members. Misunderstanding, too, will be lessened. To what can you compare a family? In a family, the members learn to serve and forgive each other.

When friends hurt each other, it has the possibility that it will remain until the end and it will hardly be solved. A family can be broken when one of the parents broke their vow to love, cherish, understand each other until the end. These things are now continually happening to most families. Because of this, children are being affected.

If family members understand each other and truly love each other, whatever misunderstanding take place, it can be solved. Members of a family are the ones who can have true sympathy, empathy, and love. Family members can have some quarrel for quite some time, but in the end, they will try to resolve any misunderstanding.