Discipline, Library and Technology

Most of people today are learning the different ways on how to become a good member of the family. In fact,  a family needs discipline in everything in order to ensure the certainty of a family.  Aside from all of these,  there might be causes of misunderstanding without discipline.

Those who grow well are those who are oriented with books instead of being trapped at the technological disadvantages. Along with so many other things to be bothered at,  most people build a library in their home in order to enjoy the easures of being so close to truths.  If there are people spending their time on meaningless things,  there are peolple spending their time meaningfully staying in a library and doing lots of things.  Most of case,  they renew their thoughts and actually,  they come to combine technology and library in order to create a meaningful learn8ng environment.

If many people will be like this, then there will be no priblem in a family. Discipline is the most important characteristic that each and every member of the family will bear. There are so many rules in a family but we can not apply them all unless we come to be discipined ones.  No matter what happens,  if we are to put into practice what we are learning in ourbdaily lives even though situation and environment change, we shall bear and uphold our dignity. Library of science and arts are a good way to divert oir attention from the dark reality of what is happening in the world. Rise of technology means we have to use them to improve our daily life but we should not use them for meaningless purposes.